Student collab


Meet Christina Courtney, our spring 2019 collection designer. Not only is she a total babe, but a kick-ass artist, graphic designer, one hell-of-a-bartender, and also the sweetest friend. We were lucky enough to have her intern for us when we launched our big-kid jobs as business owners, and we’ve been patting ourselves on the back for thinking she would be the bestest first choice for our student collab.

Want to see more of her work?
christina brands herself as WYEHUNTER. check her out on instagram or get a hold of her on her website.



We’re big believers in giving back and helping people succeed. Our student collab series is our little “give-back-to-where-we-came-from” fund. Both Millie and Brittany have found it’s a little tough to get by without some help (cue “with a little help from my friends” by the Beatles). Also, just because a Blacksheep is usually the odd one out doesn’t mean we can’t all bind together as one. That’s the jist of it—we choose another Blacksheep to join our posse twice a year by collabing on a collection in the Spring and in the Fall. A portion of our proceeds from the sale of the collection go right back into the student’s pockets and they help us choose the next Blacksheep to join the crew and build on our little herd of female designers.


Each and every chosen blacksheep must fit the following bill to a ”T“;

•be an EWU student (at time of creation)
•must be female
•they have to be passionate about design
•NEED to have a sense of humor
•they’ve gotta have tenacity and grit
•they pay for school or have little help
•have to see the potential in working together towards a bigger, better outcome


Spring 2019
Christina Courtney // WYEHUNTER

Fall 2019, Spring 2020
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